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After 30 years of searching, I have finally found you, and in more ways than one. It's ironic that I began my search shortly before you died.  I would often get upset because I would come across someone who said they knew you from "back in the day" and you were a great guy, but they hadn't heard from you in a while.  I could find no trace of you or your family... my family.  I felt like I was chasing a ghost.  Maybe my mom had lied about the name of my father, maybe he was the one who had lied to her. Years would pass and I would stop searching for a bit but you were always there, a thought, a feeling, an ache but more importantly a secret wish. 

After becoming extremely ill in 2013 and surviving near death, my search for you became a mission.  I can't say it's because you helped save me, or that I saw or heard you while in my comatose state but something did happen , that I know.  I felt driven and although disappointed with every empty or fruitless clue, I had to continue.  After much deliberation about life being to short to not take chances, my fiance and I decided to move to Florida. I continued my search for you on line looking in NYC and for your family in Puerto Rico.  Finally, after all this time, I found them...your sister and nephews, my sister and brothers, my cousins, here in Florida. Through them, I then found you .  Stories of the type of person you were, the good, the bad and the really bad. They said they hadn't heard from you since 1989 after you told them you had AIDS and pneumonia.  After more searching, I found you! Thank God for the Hart Island Project. 

I really think you helped make this happen.  I hope finding you brings your soul peace, and your loved ones closure. For me, it has brought so much love, joy and acceptance.  I know you're smiling down on me.  You were never able to be a father to me, but I had a great dad and maybe you stepping out of my life allowed that to happen. I accept the past, I accept who you were because all of it is a part of me and now I have a "new" family that is giving me all the love they weren't able to share with you. You will live on through me and them.  Thank you for the gift of life.  I hate that this is where your body was laid to rest, but I know in my heart that you soul is long gone from that place and you are right by my side.  It's no coincidence that I would find my sister, brother, aunt and cousins here in Florida because I am guided, protected and loved by an angel and his name is:

Angel Alberto Garcia ( Machu) 12/21/1951-08/03/1989 

(The damn clock is stopped!!)

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